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Top 10 Easy Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2021!

Your mother is unique and special. Show her how much you appreciate her and everything she does for you with a thoughtful gift this Mother’s Day!

Whether it’s making our breakfast, doing our washing, brightening our birthdays with exciting presents and spectacular cakes, making us chicken soup when we’re sick or giving us hugs when we need them, our Mums are always there for us when we need them. Whether you’re five or 50, you know that your Mum has always, and will always, be there for you.

So, this year, let’s make Mother’s Day a celebration of all our Mums, acknowledging everything they do for us. Whether your Mum is crafty, sporty, a homebody or a human dynamo, we have compiled the best Mother’s Day gift ideas just for you.

Our top picks for Mother's Day:


  1. Make her breakfast in bed

From OJ, toast and tea by the littlies, to showcasing your chef skills with scrambled eggs or a huge fry up, breakfast in bed is a traditional favourite and should be considered a mainstay in every child's repertoire - regardless of age!
Prevent the inevitable spills and make Mum feel like the Queen she quite deservedly is with a Bamboo Serving Tray. Add a sprig of a native bush or a flower from the garden for a fragrant finish.
Try cinnamon buns, fruit salad, granola, jam selections and gourmet teas.
soko & co bamboo serving tray



  1. Take a picnic in your local park

Pack up a picnic hamper like our Picnic Basket with sandwiches, cake and a cool drink and head off to your local park to spend some quality time together and watch the world go by.  Don’t forget to pack a rug, a travel picnic table and some of Mums favourite music!
Pack fresh baked continental rolls filled with her favourite foods, fruit and nuts, dips and crackers.



  1. Compile a photo book or digital album

Trawl through all your photos and find funny, happy, crazy, loving moments you have shared together. Select your favourites, add a personal note or saying and make a digital album or print the pictures out to share with Mum on Mother’s Day.
Try creating a theme for the album, choosing one photo to use in a beautiful photo frame and making a coffee table photo album.



  1. Draw Mum a bath

No crayons and paper required! Buy a bath bomb or bubbles from your local pharmacy and fill the bath with warm water and bubbles galore. Luxe up the experience with a fragrant soap or body wash.
With some light reading, sparkling wine, soft music and candles, Mum will be in heaven for an hour.  Try our Black Timber Bath Caddy to help keep her magazines (or iPad) dry and her glass of wine or champagne within reach.

Don’t forget magazines, a new book by her favourite author, scented candles and a luscious body lotion and fluffy towel for after. Really amp up the wow factor by piling all her bath time essentials into one of our woven storage baskets and keep her in the groove with a Wireless Shower Speaker & Radio!

soko & co black timber bath caddy



  1. Outdoor cinema experience

Family tickets to the movies are always a great gift idea, but surprising Mum with a movie she would enjoy outdoors under the stars is even better! Make it a night to remember and pack up her favourite meal in our Picnic Basket and present it on our travel picnic table.
Rugs, cushions and blankets will contribute to the ultimate luxury experience.



  1. Give the gift of (your) time

Whisk Mum off to a quiet little café to spend quality time together catching up.  Better still, be adventurous - take a drive out to the country to discover the charm that little coffee shops and bakeries further afield have!
Try keeping your destination a secret to add to the surprise or inviting one of her friends to join you. Now that the weather is cooling down, give her a little memento of your day with a personally selected Reusable Travel Mug from our huge range.



  1. Update her look

If your Mum doesn’t treat herself often enough by getting dolled up and getting out in her ‘glad rags’, how about having a girl’s make up day together? Showing her all the new techniques and styling tips is a guaranteed way to have a great time together.
Alternatively, (I’m looking at you now, guys) you can book her in for a makeup tutorial online or at your local department store. Take her out for a drink afterwards so she can strut her stuff! Complete the experience with a freestanding or wall-mounted makeup mirror so she can continue her beauty regime at home.
Make sure to take lots of selfies with her to capture the memory of your day.



  1. Declutter and coordinate her jewellery

Help Mum declutter her jewellery and find the right piece with our huge selection of jewellery boxes and stacking jewellery trays. Surprise her with a little piece made or selected by you especially for her.
Adding a heartfelt little note in the jewellery box is sure to make her day and will be a treasure for her to keep.



  1. Take Mum on a dinner date

Make Mum’s night special with a dinner at her favourite restaurant with her family. Encourage her to dress up (and show off her new makeup skills!) and make sure she has the best seat in the house. Bring along a chilled bottle of her favourite wine in an Wine Bag.
Call the restaurant beforehand to book their best table. Head to your local bottle shop to find Mum’s favourite wine or select a new one that would tickle her palate.



  1. Mood lifting music

Show your mother how much you care with a curated playlist of her favourite tunes. Select the music she rocks out to at home and don’t forget the songs she hums along to when she’s concentrating on her latest project! Drop in some happy tunes guaranteed to lift her spirit.
Create a shared Spotify playlist, burn a CD or download the playlist to a thumb drive.  She will think of you and your thoughtfulness every time she listens to the music!   
Include music that is meaningful to her – a song that reminds her of her mother, her wedding song, or that one song that she can’t resist singing along to.



  1. Bonus Idea: Have a craft day inside

For a great day in together, buy a couple of terracotta pots, grab some old sample paint pots, and some paint pens. Seal the pots, paint a base coat and then decorate with paint pens.
Try re-using or upcycling old pots you have at home. Seal terracotta with a mix of glue and water and allow to dry before you start creating!



From all of us at Soko & Co, we wish all the mothers out there the absolute best this Mother’s Day!

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