Home Storage Solutions & Organisation

Every room presents its own little challenges. From fitting washing machines and dryers in the laundry to dishwashers in the kitchen and then all the little things around them. Here at Soko & Co, we’ve got an elegant and wide range of storage solutions for every room.

Clever containers to folding baskets and hanging solutions to really help you make the most of every space, exactly what you’re looking for is right here. We’ve tackled the hard task of really diving deep into the depths of the kitchen, laundry and bathroom to discover what works and what doesn’t, and bring you all the answers you need.

Home Storage Solutions & Organisation

Declutter your world with a little help from Soko & Co.

Welcome to Soko & Co! We absolutely love home design and finding extraordinary storage solutions that will declutter your world and add style to your home (and ours!). We’re home design and storage solution aficionados - we’ve been all over the world to find the best in home storage products from some of Europe’s greatest brands and bring them home to you!

Our range has been carefully curated with your perfect home in mind. From the kitchen, to the bathroom and laundry and every room in your home, we have elegant solutions for everyday tasks. But more than that, we’ve selected feature pieces from some of the best designers around the world to take your home to the next level.

From finishing touches to complete systems and everything in between, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect homeware you’ve been looking for right here at Soko & Co!

Elfa Modular Shelving System

A modular, fully customisable and ultra clever storage system that fits perfectly in every room, Elfa is a brilliant Swedish-designed system that we’re so proud to stock. In fact, we love the Elfa storage system so much we set out to be Australia’s #1 supplier of their products.
Adaptable to every room in the house, and an ingenious way to add spark, fun and organisation to your modern home, we know you’ll love Elfa too. Equally perfect for a well-planned laundry, a hallway organiser or the walk-in robe of your dreams, we’ve got everything you need right here.

View Elfa Solutions

Best Sellers

For inspiration on your next room redesign or declutter, or for help finding that missing piece, check out our best sellers. These are items that resonate with everyone, they’re the products that you just can’t stop thinking about and people always comment on when they come to visit.

“Where did you get that?!”

Our best sellers are the missing pieces, the finishing touches, and the essentials you just can’t live without. From statements to staples, they’re right here.
We are Environmentally Conscious

We are Environmentally Conscious

We care about the environment and our business's impact on it.

Some of our green initiatives include:

• Using recycled and reused packaging materials

Purchasing carbon offsets for all of our online order deliveries

Using a carbon-neutral e-commerce platform

Stocking environmentally certified brands like Brabantia

When you buy cheap, you buy twice, doubling your contribution to landfill.
By choosing a high-quality, durable product, you're making an environmentally beneficial decision.

Ready to be Inspired?

We’ve spent a lot of time making kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, bedrooms and more, not only easy to navigate, but stunning too. Our products aren’t just to make your life easier and your home more organised, but also to help you make a statement. They’re pieces that have been designed to look as good as they organise.

So we’ve put together our favourite articles and lookbooks that capture the spirit of Soko & Co,
and to help you discover your perfect storage solutions!

5 Easy Under Sink Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom

5 Easy Under Sink Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom cupboards are a magical place, capable of storing everything from cleaning products and shampoo bottles to hair dryers and medical supplies. With so much going on in such a small space, under sink storage is difficult to get right.

The trick to perfecting your bathroom storage is choosing the organisers, drawers and shelves that work for you and your needs. Keep reading for our five quick and easy bathroom storage ideas to help you always find what you’re looking for.

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How to Organise Your Fridge

How to Organise Your Fridge

Think about how often you use your fridge (I’m in there at least three times a day, plus snacks!), then think about how often you wish your fridge storage was a bit more efficient. By deep-cleaning, grouping and cleverly storing its contents, you can make your fridge work for you – not the other way around!

Perfecting the art of fridge storage can be a daunting task, so we’ve created a quick and easy guide on how to perfectly organise your fridge.

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