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6 Laundry Tips for Surviving Winter

Nobody enjoys doing the laundry, but all too often it’s because we make it unnecessarily difficult for ourselves! Summer is over, winter is here, and a one-day chore now takes the whole week to complete. The Soko team have plenty of tips and tricks for staying organised during the winter months, like how to choose the right airer, ironing board and laundry accessories for you.

So without further ado, here are the Soko team’s 6 laundry tips for surviving winter!


1. Don’t neglect the clothesline

Don’t shy away from putting your clothes on the line just because it’s winter! To speed up drying time in colder months, hang shirts on their hangers and keep them in place on the clothesline with this 20 pack of Clothesline Clips. That unblocked exposure to wind and sun is going to speed up the drying time!

Clothesline Clips | Soko & Co


2. Keep the socks and jocks organised

With the winds picking up, socks have a tendency to fly away. The easiest way to stop that is with a dedicated airer for them like the Peg Mini - Clothes Airer. This expandable airer is great because it speeds up drying time, keeps socks, underwear and small items safely stored together, and leaves you with more space for drying other items. Also available in smaller 19 and 29 Peg sizes, pair this airer with these brand-new Clothy Sock Pegs to say goodbye to wet, cold or missing socks!

 44 Peg Clothes Airer & Socky Clips | Soko & Co


3. Invest in an airer that will last

Getting an airer that’s not going to collapse on you is THE most important factor when making your choice. We’ve all seen the cheap, flimsy airers that barely last the winter season. So, what should you be looking for quality-wise? Aluminium is the only metal that’s guaranteed not to rust, so lean towards this Aluminium Airer if you’re tight on space or InterDesign’s A-Frame Brezio Airer for something a little larger.

Another key detail to look out for is whether the airer has a warranty. Airers like the German-designed Clothes Airer come with a 3-year warranty, so you know that you’re getting a high-quality item with a guaranteed long lifespan.


4. Choose an airer that works for YOUR space

Tall airers that maximise vertical space are great for small apartments. Something like this 42 Rail Tower Airer comes in at 157cm high and has over 40 metres of drying space – more than enough for a whole load of washing! Each shelf can be folded down depending on whether you have short or long items to hang, and the whole side of the airer can be collapsed and placed flush against the wall to save space.

42 Rail Tower Airer | Soko & Co

For something more compact, definitely check out the Gulliver Clothes Airer. Made in Italy for apartment living, it ticks all the boxes in functionality, quality and design.  Airers that can be rolled out onto the balcony and then folded up to almost nothing are exactly what you should be looking for if you’re short on space. With up to 6 additional arms that can be opened up, the Gulliver has over 27m of drying space! Its understated, modern design allows it to mesh well with any home’s design.

5. Go wall mounted!

If you’re really short on space, wall-mounted is the way to go! What’s amazing about products like the Telegant Plus 100 Wall Mounted Airer is that it comes with its own built-in storage solution. When not in use, it neatly retracts into its slim casing which protects it from the weather and you from walking into it! Even if you have an outdoor airer, this can be a great addition to any laundry wall during the winter!

Telegant 100 Plus Wall Mounted Airer | Soko & Co


6. Get the ironing done lightning fast

Nobody enjoys ironing, but doesn’t have to be that way! There are 3 important factors that make ironing feel a little less like a chore; quality, preparation and ease.

Quality is key, which is why we always recommend Brabantia’s range of ironing boards and board covers. In a range of sizes perfect for families of all sizes, these ironing boards have a 10-year warranty to boot. Keep in mind, thicker is better! Heavily padded boards and covers have longer lifespans and make ironing smoother and faster.

Before you start ironing, preparation is essential. Keeping your space decluttered with a caddy like the Ironing Caddy can be a great way to make sure you don’t keep putting the ironing off because it’s too difficult to set up or the laundry’s a mess. Wall-mounted storage is the best way to make space out of nothing!

Goodrhings Ironing Caddy | Soko & Co

Now that you’re all set up and ready to go, make your ironing task easy as can be with this Ironing Set. Complete with an iron descaler, brush to clean steam vents and a smooth-gliding Easy Iron stick made in Germany, you’ll be done in record time!

Deluxe Iron Cleaning Set | Soko & Co

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