How to Pick the Best Reusable Coffee Cup

How to Pick the Best Reusable Coffee Cup

When do you have enough reusable coffee cups?  The equation is simple.
Coffee cup saturation = n+1
where n is the current number of reusable cups you have.


Soko & Co has an impressive range of travel mugs, flasks and water bottles available in stainless steel, ceramic, glass and bamboo. Collapsible, compostable, heating, cooling, patterned and plain. Even metallic if you are looking for a little more sparkle in your life!

No matter what kind of travel coffee mug you’re looking for, Soko & Co has the best travel mugs in Australia!


  1. Thermos and Oasis insulated coffee cups will keep your hot drinks from cooling too quickly whether you’re travelling out and about or staying put at home. All Thermos travel mugs feature double-walled stainless-steel insulation and a 5-year guarantee for maximum heat retention. Most fit snugly into most vehicle cup holders, so you can stay caffeinated while on the road, and leak-proof lids deliver the coffee to your mouth, not down your front.


    Heating properties: High

    Best for: Watching AusKick, area or regional managers, retail workers, long-distance driving, tradies and truckies.

    Thermos insulated travel mug



  1. Made from a wheat straw composite material in an array of pastel colours, the Cup by Oasis is a fully biodegradable and compostable reusable coffee cup for the environmentally-conscious buyer. Available in 300ml and 400ml sizes, this spill-resistant travel coffee mug has a double-walled construction and a twist top lid, making it perfect for everyday use.


    Heating properties: Medium

    Best for: Walking the dog, the school drop off, driving to work.

    Oasis Eco Cup Reusable Travel Mug


  1. Hello, collapsible! The Oasis Reusable Coffee Cup concertinas into a tidy little unit when not in use. This space saver has a leak-resistant lid and is perfect for keeping in your car or bag for that emergency coffee break.


    Heating properties: Low

    Best for: Camping, picnics, unscheduled coffee breaks.

    Oasis Collapsible Reusable Coffee Cup


  1. Avanti Go Cups come in 280ml and 410ml sizes with a range of fun styles, patterns and graphics available to showcase your individual style. Whether you’re a leopard-print fashionista, a proud Aussie, an eco-warrior or a fan of the deep blue sea, we’ve got you covered.
    The Go Cup is an insulated travel mug that does double duty, though. Manufactured from stainless steel with double-wall insulation and a leak-proof lid, these cups will keep your drinks hot for around 8 hours.


    Heating properties: High

    Best for: Making a statement.

    Avanti Go Cup Insulated Travel Mug


  1. The Oasis Eco Glass Reusable Coffee Cup is available in three sizes and an impressive array of colours, from classic black to colourful coral. The borosilicate glass construction, silicone sleeve and leak-resistant lid make these glass reusable coffee cups scratch, crack, and stain-resistant.


    Heating properties: Low

    Best for: Inducing coffee envy, café top-ups, office and home use.

    Oasis Glass Reusable Coffee Cups


  1. If you've been looking for a ceramic travel mug, the Go Mug is perfect for you. Nine patterns are available from the Eden, Geoitalics and Safari series, so there’s a style to suit everyone. The double-walled design keeps up to 250ml of coffee or tea warm and the splash-resistant lid makes this ceramic reusable coffee cup great for short trips and relaxing at home.


    Heating properties: Medium

    Best for: Home coffee connoisseurs.

    Avanti Go Mug Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug


Thanks for reading and stay warm this winter!

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