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How to Organise Jewellery in 7 Steps

From long necklaces, bangles and bracelets to earrings, brooches and rings of all shapes and sizes, it’s no wonder that jewellery organisation can be so tricky to get right. Whether you store your jewellery in a jewellery box or in your drawers, it’s important that you have a solution that works for your specific needs.

Luckily, there are plenty of great jewellery storage ideas available to help you tackle the job. If you’ve had enough of tangled necklaces and missing earrings, this is the declutter task for you! Keep reading for our tips on how to organise your jewellery collection in 7 easy steps.

1. Take inventory

The first step is to assess the task. Gather all your jewellery together, separating it by size, type and occasion. Check each piece for damage, tarnish and wear, so that these items can be polished or repaired if needed.

Gold jewellery stored inside a white jewellery organiser tray

 2. Clean, repair and prevent tarnish

Now is a great time to get your collection in perfect condition once again. Take the time to carefully polish and clean any silver, gold or brass pieces with a gentle cloth. Harsh chemicals and abrasive brushes and cloths can do more harm than good – there are plenty of great ways to clean jewellery with household ingredients. Don’t forget to replace any missing earring backs!

Tip: To keep tarnish at bay, store your jewellery with anti-tarnish strips.

A jewellery storage tray with anti-tarnish strips in each organising compartment

Stackers Anti Tarnish Strips for Jewellery 36 Pack

3. Keep everything easily accessible

Stackable jewellery trays and drawers are a great way to quickly find your necklaces, earrings and bracelets in the morning. The great thing about a modular storage system like Stackers is that you can create the perfect jewellery box for your collection.

Keep everyday pieces in the top layer, with special occasion and less frequently used pieces in the bottom layer.

Three taupe Stackers jewellery boxes being removed for easy access

Stackers Jewellery Storage Trays

4. Store inside your vanity or wardrobe drawers

If you’re running short on vanity or shelf space, you have a couple of options when it comes to jewellery storage. Larger jewellery trays are usually a great fit for bedroom drawers, as are expandable jewellery drawer organisers. Most of these organisers have different-sized compartments, so make sure you choose one that suits your collection.

Tip: If you have an Elfa wardrobe, you’ll be glad to know that there are several drawer organisers designed to perfectly fit into your Elfa Gliding Mesh Drawers!

An Elfa jewellery storage tray used to organise jewellery, glasses and watches in an Elfa Gliding Mesh Wardrobe Drawer

5. Storing necklaces

Choose a necklace jewellery tray that will allow you to store each piece individually. This will keep them from getting tangled and will also make them easier to access! If you have the space in your wardrobe, bathroom or vanity, a freestanding jewellery hanger is a great way to keep everything tangle-free and proudly on display.

A Stackers rose gold and rose quartz hanging jewellery organiser with jewellery hanging on the hooks

Stackers Jewellery Trays for Necklaces & Bracelets

Stackers Jewellery Stands

6. Storing bracelets, bangles and watches

For thin bracelets, it’s a good idea to store them much the same way as necklaces; that is, keep them separated in their own compartment, or hang them up to prevent tangles. Chunkier bracelets and watches won’t tangle as easily, so you can safely store these together inside a deep jewellery drawer organiser.

A grey Stackers Deep jewellery storage tray, holding a watch and two bracelets

7. Storing rings and earrings

Keeping earrings stored in their own compartment is an absolute must. A 25-compartment jewellery organiser (or jewellery box with lots of small compartments) is the way to go for rings and smaller earrings. Long, dangly earrings should ideally be hung on your freestanding jewellery organiser, or laid flat in their own individual compartment.

Tip: Remember to keep your frequently worn items front and centre!

A grey Stackers jewellery organiser tray with gold rings, earrings and charms stored inside

A mini Stackers hanging jewellery organiser with earrings and bracelets hanging on hooks

Stackers 25 Compartment Jewellery Trays 

Stackers Jewellery Stands

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