5 Easy Under Sink Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom

5 Easy Under Sink Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom cupboards are a magical place, capable of storing everything from cleaning products and shampoo bottles to hair dryers and medical supplies. With so much going on in such a small space, under sink storage is difficult to get right.

The trick to perfecting your bathroom storage is choosing the organisers, drawers and shelves that work for you and your needs. Keep reading for our five quick and easy bathroom storage ideas to help you always find what you’re looking for.


  1. Empty, clean and measure the cupboard

The first and most important step in decluttering your bathroom cupboard is to take everything out and throw away anything that’s expired or broken. Using expired skincare products can be dangerous! Keep an eye out for things that shouldn’t be stored in the bathroom and put them away in their proper home.
Next, measure the width, depth and height of your space, as well as the placement of any hinges. This will ensure you choose containers that will fit perfectly in the cupboard.


  1. Line shelves with a waterproof shelf liner

Use a waterproof shelf liner to prevent warped, stained, and dirty cupboard shelves. Once those melamine shelves absorb water, it can be tricky to remove that musty odour.
To remove a damp smell from melamine shelves, mix a tablespoon of white vinegar in 500ml of warm water and wipe down the shelf with a rag lipped in the mixture. Ensure you wring the rag out first so it’s damp, not soaked. Then let the cupboard air dry for a few hours and you’re good to go!
Waterproof shelf liners are a great way to keep your cabinet shelves in perfect condition.


  1. Work around pipes and other obstructions

S-bend pipes are notoriously tricky to work around, so an adjustable under the sink shelf unit is an easy way to increase your storage space. These have removable shelf panels to fit around the pipes and are even width adjustable to perfectly fit your bathroom cupboard.

Shelf units with an aluminium or plastic frame will keep rust at bay forever, while powder-coated under the sink shelves typically offer a higher weight rating and great rust-resistance.

Using an adjustable under the sink shelf is a great way to maximise your bathroom storage.
This InterDesign Cabrini under sink shelf is made from powder coated metal, offering great weight capacity and long-lasting rust resistance for the bathroom.


  1. Make items easy to grab

If you have room, freestanding drawer units or modular stacking drawers can be a great way to stay organised. If you need to store taller bottles, make sure you choose a bigger drawer that can still be stacked.
A handled storage tote is a great way to quickly grab cleaning supplies or first aid items. A transparent divided tote will allow you to easily see the contents at a glance, too.This soft handled storage basket from Madesmart has an integrated handle that makes it easy to access your shower or cleaning supplies.
A clear, divided storage tote, like this one from iDesign, is a great way to both divide and access your bathroom items.


  1. Don’t forget about those cabinet doors

Storing items on your cabinet doors is a great way to maximise bathroom storage space. Over the door organisers can be a great place to store your hair dryer or spare shampoo bottles if your shelves are all full.
If you don’t have a fixed hand towel holder on your walls, this push fit towel holder is a great, discreet way to keep your hand towel off of the vanity. It hangs over the door, so it’s the perfect bathroom towel storage solution for rental properties.
If you don't have any dedicated hand towel storage in your bathroom, this push-fit towel holder will simply fit over your cabinet door to keep hand towels off the vanity or floor!


  1. Bonus Tip: Consider a storage trolley

If you have an unused space next to your fixed bathroom cabinets, a slim storage trolley is a great way to capitalise on those empty spaces and maximise your bathroom storage. Use it to group similar bathroom items together and keep your under-sink cupboard from becoming too cluttered. Consider a plastic, aluminium or powder coated unit to keep rust at bay!

A slim storage trolley is a great way to make extra bathroom storage space if your under sink cupboards are full.

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