Organise Your Kitchen and Pantry with Elfa

What is Elfa?

Elfa is a Swedish shelving system that's fantastic for organising kitchens and pantries of all shapes and sizes. Fully customisable, completely adjustable and made from high-quality epoxy powder-coated steel, Elfa has been the world's favourite modular shelving system for over 60 years. Elfa's versatile design means that it's perfect for any application, from walk-in pantries all the way down to space-conscious storage on the back of the door or repurposing existing shelves.

Elfa storage is designed in Sweden, made in Europe, and covered by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

The modular design that makes Elfa fantastic for pantry storage also makes it ideal for other areas around the house. Gliding Mesh Drawers, Wire Shelves and adjustable hanging space can be used almost anywhere, from the laundry to the garage. Specialised storage solutions are also available for storing clothes, drying washing and organising tools.

A White Elfa pantry storage system, with white wooden pantry shelves and Gliding Mesh Drawers

Other Places You Can Use Elfa

A white Elfa wardrobe storage system organising clothes

A white Elfa laundry storage system organising washing and drying clothes

A Platinum Elfa garage storage system organising tools and gardening equipment

A White Elfa office storage system organising stationery, paperwork and office supplies

Soko & Co Home Storage & Organisation Solutions

Australia's lowest Elfa prices are at Soko & Co

Elfa Shelving & Storage System

Australia's lowest Elfa prices are at Soko & Co

Soko & Co is Perth's Elfa pantry design specialist

With almost 20 years of experience designing Elfa storage systems, we are Perth's leading Elfa retailer. We offer a convenient in-home measure and quote service in the Perth metro area, along with free email or phone consultations for customers all over Australia.

With thousands of kitchen storage solutions from leading brands like iDesign, Brabantia and Joseph Joseph, make Soko & Co your one-stop shop when it comes to home storage and organisation.

Together, let's declutter your world.

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Elfa shelving and drawers installed in a kitchen to organise kitchen appliances, food storage bags, plates, bowls and spices

Elfa In Action

Elfa Design Enquiry

Designing an Elfa pantry can be confusing, especially if you don't have any experience with Elfa. That's why we offer complimentary design consultations, an in-home measure and quote service, Australia-wide shipping and convenient Click & Collect.

In-Store or Email Consultation

Drop by our Myaree showroom for a one-on-one design session with one of our experienced Elfa specialists. Bring along your pantry's dimensions and a few photos of the space so that we can recommend the solutions that will best suit your kitchen.

Alternatively, email your measurements and photos to us and we’ll reply with a 3D design, with unlimited design changes and no commitments.

Price: Free!

In-Home Measure & Quote

Let us come to you with our in-home measure and quote service, available in the Perth metro area. We’ll take our own measurements and give you a rundown of how best to organise your pantry, with a 3D design emailed to you afterwards.

Price: $150.00, deducted from any future Elfa purchase.

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Design Your Pantry

White Elfa Wire Shelves organising plates and serveware in a pantry

The traditional white epoxy powder coated finish is iconic to Elfa. Choose White to make your pantry shelving feel open, welcoming and classic.

Platinum Elfa Wire Shelves used for storage of plates, bowls, mugs and serving trays in a kitchen

For a more premium look and feel, Platinum is a fantastic choice. It's perfect for kitchens that have a darker colour scheme.

Modular Pantry Shelving

A White Elfa Wire Shelf
Wire Shelf

Elfa's signature ventilated wire shelving promotes air flow, brightens the room and creates transparency in your pantry.

A White Elfa Click In Melamine Shelf
Melamine Shelf

Solid, stable and hard-wearing, Elfa's melamine shelves combine the best of both worlds. 20mm melamine board with a soft white finish.

A White metal Elfa Click In Work Bench
Click In Work Bench

Elfa's most durable shelf option. This stylish, metal bench makes the perfect kitchen work surface or appliance shelf.

A White Elfa Wire Shelf Basket
Wire Shelf Basket

Similar to Wire Shelf, with raised edges that keep containers from toppling over. Provides ventilation and visibility to contents.

Pantry Storage Essentials

White Elfa Gliding Mesh Drawers installed in a built-in pantry
Gliding Mesh Drawers

Keep utensils, plates and kitchen containers organised in these tight-knit mesh drawers. Available in a range of widths, depths and heights.

White Elfa Mesh Drawer Dividers separating and organising candles
Drawer Dividers

Add to Gliding Mesh Drawers to keep contents organised. Separates cutlery and utensils, and keeps bottles and boxes standing upright.

Two White Elfa Easy Gliders installed in a kitchen cupboard, with pots, pans and bowls organised inside
Easy Glider

Easily convert cupboard shelves to gliding drawers. Install an Easy Glider on existing shelves, then choose a Mesh Basket to mount on the glider.

An Elfa Large Mesh Utility Basket installed on a White Hang Standard above a melamine bench
Utility Basket

Perfect for storing spices, bottles and pantry containers on the wall or over the door. Available in three sizes in a Wire or Mesh finish.

Platinum Elfa Shelf Hooks installed under Elfa Wire Shelves, organising utensils above a kitchen bench
Shelf Hook

Need to hang utensils, bags or aprons? These hooks hang underneath Wire Shelves. Add as many as you like, and reposition them at any time.

A White Elfa Storing Board installed in a kitchen, organising cups, mugs, plates and coffee
Storing Board

Use a Storing Board with matching hooks and boxes to organise mugs, utensils and pantry supplies. Use Centre Storing Board for over-door racks.

Two White Elfa Reversible Shelf Trays storing food bags in a pantry
Reversible Shelf Tray

Available in D: 10 or D: 25 sizes, these metal shelves can be used as shelves or trays (with lip). Perfect for spice jars and pantry containers.

Transparent Elfa Shelf Liners installed on Platinum Elfa Wire Shelves for storing plates, cups, pantry canisters and appliances in a kitchen
Shelf Liner

Create a stable surface for cups, plates and mugs while enjoying the benefits of Wire Shelves. Made of durable, transparent plastic.

Turn kitchen shelves into drawers with Elfa Easy Gliders

Quick and easy to install yourself – no cabinet maker required.

Choose from three widths, two depths and three heights for your baskets.

Perfect for every kitchen cupboard.

Six White Elfa Easy Gliders installed in a kitchen cupboard, with food containers, kitchen roll and pantry supplies stored inside

Why Choose an Elfa Pantry?

A White Elfa pantry, with Wire Shelf Baskets, Reversible Metal Trays and Shelf Hooks all used to organise the pantry contents
Completely Customisable

Elfa's modular design means you only purchase the accessories that work for your specific pantry storage needs. Add as many or as few shelves, drawers, baskets and accessories as you require.

A white Elfa pantry storage system, with Wire and Solid Gliding Drawers and White Wire Shelves
Versatility & Accessories

Add, remove or rearrange components at any time. Choose from hundreds of accessories ranging from Shelf Hooks and Mesh Drawer Dividers to Utility Baskets and Metal Shelves.

White timber Elfa shelves installed in a pantry, along with a Gliding Wire Drawer for storing glassware
10-Year Guarantee

Elfa is the original modular kitchen shelving system and comes complete with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. With over 50 years of innovation and knowledge, you should trust nobody else with your home storage.

Six White Elfa Easy Gliders installed in a kitchen cupboard, with food containers, kitchen roll and pantry supplies stored inside
Grows With Your Family

Over time, every family's storage needs change. If you outgrow certain areas of your Elfa pantry, you can easily reconfigure or repurpose old shelves, drawers and racks in other areas of the home.

Elfa Utility Door & Wall Rack

If your kitchen doesn't have enough built-in pantry storage, you'll love Elfa's Utility Wall & Door storage system. It can be screwed onto the wall for maximum stability, or hung over the door with no tools or drilling required. Not only fantastic for kitchen storage, the Elfa Utility Wall & Door system can also be used in the laundry, linen cupboard, home office and wardrobe.

All accessories can be added, adjusted or removed at any time. Choose from a huge range of Utility Baskets, available in Wire or Mesh, to organise everything from spice jars to baking accessories. Add a Centre Storing Board and Board Hooks store coffee mugs, kitchen utensils and aprons.

Every Elfa Utility Wall & Door system is unique. How will you use yours?

Stable. Elegant. Smart.

Elfa Freestanding Drawer Kits

Over 15 baskets available.
3 widths, 2 depths and 3 heights.
The perfect drawers for every kitchen.

Six Elfa Freestanding Drawer Kits of different sizes, with mesh and wire storage baskets

How to Install Elfa

The first step to installing an Elfa pantry is finding out how much space is really available. Measure the width, depth and height of your walls, remembering to account for skirting boards, cornices, door frames and hinges.

Some sliding and hinged doors are positioned in a way that prevents gliding drawers and racks from being fully opened. Make sure you consider the placement of Gliding Mesh Drawers and Easy Gliders within your pantry or kitchen cupboards.

Many Elfa components, such as Top Tracks, Hang Standards and Wire Shelves can be trimmed to size. If your pantry measurements aren't a perfect fit for standard W: 45, W: 60 or W: 90 sections, Elfa will still work perfectly.

Watch: How to adjust Elfa to your own measurements

Watch: How to install an Elfa Click In shelving system from start to finish

Available in four lengths to suit pantries and cupboards of all sizes, this is the hero of the Elfa pantry storage system. A few quick screw holes allow the whole system to hang freely. Use Elfa Masonry Screws & Plugs for brick, concrete and timber walls, and Elfa Drywall Anchors for gyprock or stud walls.

When installed on brick or concrete walls, an Elfa Top Track can support up to 600kg of weight (200kg per section). If installing on stud walls, position the Top Track so that you hit at least two studs.

Needs to Have: Elfa Masonry Screws & Plugs, Elfa Drywall Anchors, or your own mounting hardware

Nice to Have: Elfa Top Track Cover

Watch: How to install an Elfa Top Track

Hang Standards

Hang Standards come in four heights and each can support up to 90kg of evenly distributed weight. Space your Hang Standards apart to create W: 45, W: 60 or W: 90 sections. Each Hang Standard slides onto your Top Track, with 1-4 optional screw holes for added stability and security.

Needs to Have: Elfa Top Track

Nice to Have: Elfa Wall Band & Hang Standard Cover

Watch: How to install Elfa Hang Standards

Wall Bands

Elfa Wall Bands screw directly to the wall or door without the need for a Top Track. Wall Bands must be installed perfectly straight to ensure other Elfa components fit perfectly. If you are installing a Wall Band on an internal door, ensure you choose appropriate screws from your local hardware store.

For systems installed with Wall Bands, Elfa does not provide a weight rating.

Needs to Have: Elfa Masonry Screws & Plugs, Elfa Drywall Anchors, Elfa Utility Over Door Hooks or your own mounting hardware

Watch: How to install Elfa Wall Bands

Elfa offers several pantry shelving options, depending on your storage requirements and available space. Wire Shelves, Wire Shelf Baskets and Click In Melamine Shelves are available in three depths and two widths, and all use Elfa's Click In Shelf Brackets in your chosen depth (D: 30, D: 40 and D: 50).

Clear plastic shelf liners are available for Wire Shelves and provide a solid surface for small pantry items like bottles and jars to stand on. For a more traditional pantry aesthetic that still provides flexibility, Click In Melamine Shelves are the perfect solution.

When it comes to storing small items like spice jars, Elfa Reversible Metal Shelf Trays are the perfect solution. These metal pantry shelves are available in an ultra-slim 10cm depth, which is perfect for small and large pantries alike.

To install Elfa shelves, gently push each shelf onto the two brackets that will support it. Start with the front of the shelf, and then the back.

Needs to Have: Elfa Hang Standards & Elfa Click In Shelf Brackets

Nice to Have: Elfa Shelf Liner, Elfa Decor Shelf Fascia, Elfa Clothes Rod Holders & Elfa Clothes Hanging Rods

Watch: How to install Elfa Wire Shelves

Watch: How to install Elfa Click In Melamine Shelves

Watch: How to install Elfa Wire Shelf Baskets

Watch: How to install Elfa Reversible Metal Shelf Trays

Elfa's Gliding Mesh Drawers are available in two widths, two depths and three heights to store a range of pantry items, from kitchen utensils to bulk food bags. Small items can be kept organised by adding Mesh Drawer Dividers.

If a full pantry renovation isn't what you're looking for, Elfa Easy Gliders offer a convenient way to turn pantry and kitchen shelves into drawers with minimal effort. The gliding runner screws into your kitchen shelves, and an Elfa Wire or Mesh basket attaches to the runner.

Wondering how to install Elfa Gliding Mesh Drawers? There's a trick to it! Remove the U-shaped part of the drawer frame and install it onto the two Click In Shelf Brackets that will support the drawer. Firmly push the frame down, and then push towards the wall until the frame clicks into place on the brackets. The rest of the drawer frame then slides in.

Needs to Have: Elfa Click In Shelf Brackets

Nice to Have: Elfa Mesh Drawer Dividers, Elfa Decor Shelf Fascia & Elfa Decor Gliding Shelf Fascia

Watch: Install an Elfa Gliding Mesh Drawer

Watch: How to remove an Elfa Drawer Frame from brackets

Elfa’s huge range of accessories have been thoughtfully designed for kitchens and pantries of every size and style. Maintaining organised drawers is easier than ever, with Mesh Drawer Dividers available for Elfa's Gliding Mesh Drawers. Wire and Mesh Utility Baskets can be used to create a wall-mounted spice rack or an over-door organiser.

For space-conscious storage, Shelf Hooks, simply click underneath Wire Shelves or Wire Shelf Baskets, whereas a Storing Board with matching boxes and trays creates customisable, adjustable storage for coffee pods, food sachets and other kitchen items.

Put the finishing touches on your new pantry shelving system with Elfa's Top Track, Hang Standard and Bracket covers. While completely optional, these Elfa accessories are the perfect way to elevate your pantry. Install these components once you're happy with the placement and positioning of the rest of your Elfa products.

Top Track Covers easily click into place to hide screw holes on your Top Track, whilst Hang Standard Covers can be trimmed to size to discreetly hide the slots in your Hang Standard. Bracket Covers come in Left, Right and Centre styles and slide over the exposed edge of your Click In Shelf Brackets.

Watch: How to install an Elfa Top Track Cover

Watch: How to install Elfa Bracket Covers

Watch: How to install an Elfa Decor Shelf Fascia

Watch: How to install Elfa Mesh Drawer Dividers

Watch: How to install Elfa Storing Board

Sustainability Matters

Elfa is made from sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials
Sustainable Materials

70% of Elfa's steel is recycled, and the forestry origin of timber products is always verified. All of Elfa's wood-based boards are Carb II and E1 compliant, and only low-VOC varnishes and powder coatings are used.

Elfa storage solutions have a low carbon footprint
Low Carbon Footprint

The Click In system's 2021 redesign reduced Elfa's carbon footprint by 12% on its most popular lines, without compromising on quality or load-bearing capacity. The 2023 range and packaging refresh has also reduced Elfa's total plastic use by 2%.

Elfa is built to last, reducing total overall resource consumption
Circularity in Design

Cheap, poorly-made items have short lifespans and need to be replaced more often. Elfa's products are guaranteed to last for at least 10 years, meaning that fewer natural resources are consumed over the life of the products.

Elfa is a signatory to the UN Global Compact
UN Global Compact

Elfa signed the UN Global Compact in 2018, and is actively supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals such as Responsible Consumption and Production, and Decent Work and Economic Growth.