Autumn Storage: 5 Secrets for Seasonal Wardrobe Storage

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Love the change of seasons but frustrated with the challenge of having both winter and summer wardrobes on the go at the same time? We were in exactly the same boat, but lucky for you - we’ve got it all figured out!

With winter looming, it’s now time to dig out those winter clothes you so smugly stored away 6-8 long months ago without looking back. Jackets, scarves, jumpers, knitted everything, long pants, socks, and boots.

The real challenge is fitting everything in the wardrobe when you still need your summer gear in easy reach for those glorious autumn days when the sun is shining, the air is crisp and the sky is a clear blue.

Keep reading for our 5 quick tips to organising your wardrobe this winter:


  1. Make the most of your under-bed storage space

Drag out your knits and store them under the bed in our easy access Under Bed Storage Boxes. With lids and labels, you can easily identify which box holds your woollies and which houses your long johns and winter pyjamas. Suddenly, out of sight and neatly tucked away is also super accessible!

If you prefer soft options, they’re also available with our large range of Peva Under Bed Storage Bags and Chests. If you have room on a wardrobe shelf, our Evie Front View Storage Boxes are absolutely perfect as they have a transparent front panel.

The front panel is something so simple, yet so clever, letting you see exactly what’s inside and reminding you what went where! They’re perfect for storing scarves and light knits.


Under Bed Storage Box | Soko & Co

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  1. Swap the summer skirts for the winter woollies

Grab your light dresses, shirts and shorts that sadly are now only in occasional rotation, and as the sun sinks lower in the sky, swap them out for the winter woollies lurking in the storage boxes under your bed. They’ll make their appearance again next year, clean and dust free!
Soko's Secret
Make layering your friend as the seasons change. Pack away the frilly and complicated summer pieces and keep the summer clothes out that can be easily added to as the weather cools.

Seasonal Clothing Storage Ideas | Soko & Co


  1. Make the most of your hanging space

Here’s a great idea that you might have seen before. Rather than just using your wardrobe’s rails the conventional way with coat hangers, try a hanging organiser. Our favourite hanger is the InterDesign Evie Hanging Wardrobe Organiser. Made from a durable poly cotton and rayon mix, this removable collapsible organiser has five storage cubes which magically transform into eight if required.

Separate Storage Drawers can be used that fit inside the organiser for smaller items like socks and stockings that require further containment. With hooks provided to hang on any existing clothes rail, this product is also ideal for travelling when there’s not enough drawer space in your hotel room (pretty much everywhere, am I right?)

 InterDesign Evie Wardrobe Storage | Soko & Co

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  1. Vacuum away those seasonal clothes

We even have a solution for when those sunny days become few and far between as well. Farewell your summer clothes for the season by washing, drying and packing them into Vacuum Seal Storage Bags. Reduce the volume of clothes and increase storage space by sucking all the air out and compressing your clothes into a small space.

Plus, it’ll keep them perfectly clean and free from any dusty smells!
Soko's Secret
Consider categorising your storage bags. By use (beach, work, casual, sporting) type (shirts, pants, accessories, jackets), colour, or family member; whatever makes sense to you.  It’ll make it easier to find what you’re looking for next season!

Vacuum Seal Storage Bags | Soko & Co

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  1. Protect your wardrobe from dust and creepy crawlies!

Whilst you are sorting through your wardrobe, how about giving your best pieces some extra loving care? From shoulder covers for your suits, to full dress bags for your special pieces, you can never be too careful with your favourite clothes. Make sure you keep the moths and silverfish at bay with our Cedar clothes care range, which is an amazing natural alternative to mothballs.

It’s the little things that make all the difference, and here at Soko & Co we’re proud to offer you our hand picked selection of home storage solutions.

 Cedar clothes care range | Soko & Co

Suit Bags, Dress Bags & Shoulder Protectors | Soko & Co


You’re welcome!

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