How to Choose the Best Clothes Airer this Winter

How to Choose the Best Clothes Airer this Winter

Winter. There’s no denying that our long hot summer is behind us, and winter is here to stay. So it’s time to break out your woollens, hats, coats and scarves, boots, and beanies!


Why do I need a good quality clothes airer?

  1. Outdoor clothes lines and rain are not friends. I doubt they ever will be. It is nobody’s fault really; they just don’t get along.
  2. Air circulating around clothes allows them to dry more quickly and alleviates the ‘damp’ smell that can permeate clothes when not able to dry completely.
  3. Woollens need to be laid flat after washing to prevent stretched and misshapen clothing. Choosing an airer that allows you
  4. Electric clothes dryers are amongst the highest consumers of power by appliances in an average household.
  5. You could injure yourself by leaping up and dashing out the door to collect your washing when the rain comes.
Whether you are renting a small apartment or living in your dream home, Soko & Co has the perfect clothes horse or indoor clothes line to suit your requirements. With temporary, semi-permanent and permanent solutions for your washing, we have clothes drying racks that fold up, slide out, hang, expand, and collapse.

We stock over 40 styles of laundry airer, so it can be hard to make the right decision. Do you need a wooden clothes airer or a rust proof airer? Which features will help you maximise your laundry storage? We’ve broken down the essentials for you.


How to pick the best clothes airer for you:

  • What clothing will you be using it for?

If you have small children, an airer with lots of rails will fit more on. Just remember that larger clothes will hang further down the rail and therefore need more space for air circulation. The 42 Rail Tower Airer is the king of line space, but this 28 Rail A-Frame Clothes Airer is a perfect compromise on size and drying space. If you have a lot of woollens and/or delicate pieces, make sure you choose an airer with drying shelves that you can lay flat.
Hot tip: Don’t forget about the socks and jocks! These clothes peg airers hook onto your clothes horse, outdoor clothesline or even the shower rail and can hold the whole family’s small items.
Expandable and collapsible clothes airer for small clothes like socks and underwear | Soko & Co


  • Where will you set your clothes horse up?

The optimum space for your airer will be in a sunny position with air flow like the living room, or an undercover outdoor area like a balcony or patio. If you live in an apartment or small house, consider using the bathroom or the laundry to dry your clothes.

An indoor clothesline mounted next to a window in a bathroom | Soko & Co


  • How much space do you have?

Consider an airer on wheels if you are limited for space and will need to relocate the airer at short notice (like when friends drop by). Clothes drying racks themselves can be supplemented with cheeky little laundry storage solutions, including the hanging Peg Clothes Airer, and our range of nifty little over the door clothes airers.
For larger spaces, the Clothes Airer has 20 metres of drying space and a clever hanger for socks and jocks, whilst the Heavy Duty Clothes Airer Silver is a great all-round clothes drying rack for homes of all sizes.
InterDesign Brezio Over the Door Clothes Airer hanging over a door | Soko & Co


  • Where and how will you store it?

Our range of collapsible clothes airers offer options for the smallest and narrowest of spaces, slipping inside slots and cupboards. Check out our Soko Home Clothes Airer which collapses into a small unit that will fit into your broom closet AND can double as a temporary hanging wardrobe.

Soko & Co's Collapsible Hangaway Clothes Airer | Soko & Co


  • Are you looking for a more permanent clothes drying rack?

If so, you are in luck. We stock the best wall mounted indoor clotheslines and concertina airers. From Wall Mounted Clothes Airer that sits flush against the wall when not in use, to the sleek and shiny Clothesline, we have you covered if you need an indoor clothes line.

 The Telegant wall mounted indoor clothes airer | Soko & Co


TL:DR? Gulliver Clothes Airer has it all.

Style, quality, 27 metres of horizontal and vertical hanging space, castors for ease of transport, and it collapses down to a very respectable 14cm width. Plus, it's made in Italy from rustproof aluminium and walnut.

 The Foppapedretti Gulliver Clothes Airer is made in Italy and features a walnut frame with rust proof aluminium shelves | Soko & Co

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